The GamingPower-Server

The nice room
The nice room

The GamingPower-Server 

Currently there are 3 server admins cheer.


Welcome Dear Mine Crafter we are you GP server team

are hot on the Server and on the website welcome.

If you coe and visit us again for coming HERE.

If you want to know more about the GamingPower-Server

orover the votes you just

look at the other

categories because you will

still have to find something good.

Right here on the outside there

are again a few links to Vote

and for German YouTube channels.


Your GamingPower Admin Team, 


 Thomas907, dur22 

So many visitors to the home page


Server Vote

Please click here:

1.--> 3 Dias get <--

2.--> 3 Dias get <--

3.--> 3 Dias get <-- will need to sign

4.--> 3 Dias get <--

5.--> 3 Dias get <-- will need to sign

it could total12 dIAS,

600glubis and 

 600 EXP get

per day for



YouTube channels

We have 3 YouTube channels

for the server

1:[GER] MrLpRoony

2:[GER] Mr0Roony

3:[GER] TheBarrellpt